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The Influence of One Person – part 1

Grant Me the Grace to Desire It

Their Wildest Dreams

Unhealthy Family Dynamics -Roles (3)

Unhealthy Family Dynamics – Rules (2)

Unhealthy Family Dynamics – Boundaries

Unhealthy and Painful Advice to Hurting People

The Stages of Bitterness

Ten Commandments of Good Listening

Grieving Losses as a Couple

Eight Stages of Development

Couples in Conflict

Jesus the role model for Peer Counseling Volunteer

Important for Successful Counseling

How Good of a Communicator Are You

Guidelines for Counseling Women

Forms of Communication

A Counseling Technique for Getting Started

Stages of grief

Crying helps us heal!

Life’s Losses

Core Issues of the Wounded Person

The Monster

Being a Good Listener

Roadblocks to Communication

Filling A Need

The blessing

I messages

Positions in Helping Another

Present, Past, & Future

Effective Questions

Levels of speaking

Levels of Listening

Definition of Peer Counseling Volunteer

Jesus, Role Model

Suicide Threat

Suicide Threat Four Selves

Exceptions to Confidentiality

Information, 2 Types

When Choosing Friends

Qualifications of a Counseling Volunteer

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Precious and Valued

Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual Abuse Personality Temperaments

Healthy Relationships

Domestic Violence


Steps to Healing








Delayed Answers