Modesto Manifesto

From Billy Graham’s ministry

No scandals have rocked the Billy Graham Ministry even though it has been intensely scrutinized.  Undoubted this is the reason.  In 1948, when the ministry was in infancy, the key members of the evangelistic team met in a motel in Modesto, California and formed these guidelines for the ministry.  These guidelines became the Modesto Manifesto.

1.       Purity – Each man pledged to not travel, eat, or meet alone with any woman other than his wife.

2.       Honesty – The numbers reported would be accurate, no exaggeration of the numbers present or people saved.

3.       Integrity – All financial records were open books on how the money was spent to avoid appearance of financial abuse.

4.      Humility – There would be no criticism of pastors and churches from the pulpit.

Is it any wonder God has blessed this ministry for over six decades!


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